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A Peek Inside Google’s Top Secret Data Centers (21 Photos)

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Google, which probably owns the largest number of computer servers in the world and a sizable chunk of the internet itself, has finally opened the doors of some its top secret data centers to the curious, prying eyes of outsiders.

Google operates a number of major data centers around the world, mostly in the US and Europe, which act as hubs for its smaller, regional installations. In this case, Google has taken most of the wraps off its Lenoir, North Carolina data center, which has been in operation since 2008. This makes it one of Google’s older data centers, and according to Wired it will soon be obsolete and in need of refitting (which is probably why Google is showing us it). Starting today, you can use Google Street View to walk around the Lenoir data center.

In addition to Lenoir, Google has also provided some utterly beautiful photos of its other data centers. We still have very few details of the actual hardware being used, or the software that knits Google’s infrastructure together, or any raw figures on power usage and efficiency — but hey, stop asking questions and look at the pretty photos!

source - ExtremeTech

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