Home Video ‘Adventure Is Calling’ Will Inspire You to Go out and Explore (Video)

‘Adventure Is Calling’ Will Inspire You to Go out and Explore (Video)

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One of the great benefits of advances in technology is that it puts genuinely powerful tools in the hands of individuals, limiting them only by the depth of their imagination and power of their creativity. Adventure is Calling II is an inspiring exhibition in time-lapse photography created by Shane Black as a sequel to his well-received original, and shows exactly how much can be done with some stunning visuals and a moving score.

Created from 20,000 still images during a four month trip around the US and Canada that spanned over 14,000 miles, it’s about as effective a showcase as you can get for some of the most beautiful scenery these countries have to offer. Exclusively shot on Canon cameras with a bit of help from Adobe in the editing suite, Mr. Black is rightly building a reputation for himself as one of the most engaging photographers around.

source – Shane Black

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