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Awe-Inspiring Views of Denali National Park (18 Photos)

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Awe-Inspiring Views of Denali National Park (18 Photos) (8)

Denali is the 3rd largest American National Park

Denali National Park and Preserve is a wild, wonderful place. Located in central Alaska, Denali is a protected area about the same size of the state of Massachusetts. Its more than 6 million acres is served by a single, 92-mile road that is mostly made of gravel — a rustic but vital artery that brings travelers deep into the heart of the wilderness via bus and bike.

Denali is Home to the Highest Peak in North America

Here, the opportunities for spectacular scenery, solitude and adventure are second to none. Visitors can climb Mount McKinley, the highest peak on the North American continent at 20,320 feet, go mushing with a team of sled dogs, hike the extensive, wide-open backcountry or just sit back and take in the glimmering celestial beauty of the northern lights. Mount McKinley is called Denali, “The High One,” by the Athabascan people native to the region. The park helps maintain their way of life by allowing subsistence hunting on park and preserve lands. It is also an important wildlife refuge, home to herds of free-roaming caribou, grizzly bears, wolves, moose and 169 bird species.

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