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Camp in Comfort with Crua Outdoors’ Insulated Tents (10 Photos)

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There’s nothing quite like a night in the great outdoors. Few people will argue with the pleasure of grabbing some friends or family, trekking out to a nice campsite, and pitching a tent. Until you wake up shivering in the middle of the night when the temperatures drop. Worse still, waking up scalded by the morning sun beating through the thin walls of your tent can you leave you gasping for air.

Derek O’Sullivan of Crua Outdoors had enough, and went about designing a tent that would stay cosy during the night, but would keep the sun’s heat at bay too. What he came up with was an extra interior layer in his tents, or rather his Thermo Tents.

“Essentially our tents consist of a semi-traditional outer tent (polyester or preferably polycotton) along with a sewn in Oxford Groundsheet,” says O’Sullivan. “The Inner Tent, which hangs inside this outer tent is what is totally different to anything else in the world. We have insulated this using brand new insulation technology. We have developed an insulation that is dense enough to act as an acoustic insulator, and yet totally breathable, which is critical in addressing condensation in tents.”

Acoustic insulation i.e. no more being roused by some late-night revellers at a festival, or by the early morning types at the campsite! This also works both ways, as you are less likely to inflict your snoring on your fellow campers too.

Considering the continued popularity of camping, Crua Outdoors are well placed to pitch up, and provide some much needed comfort to the market.

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