Home Video ‘Fire Chasers’ Captures California Wildfires is Stunning 4K (Video)

‘Fire Chasers’ Captures California Wildfires is Stunning 4K (Video)

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Filmmaker has put together a new timelapse video/documentary, titled Fire Chasers, in which he hot foots it deep into the California wildfires of the past two years.

In stunning 4K you can take a look at just how colossal, unpredictable, and truly frightening they can be. Frost hopes to utilize Fire Chasers to raise awareness about ongoing threats to the environment and eventually turn it into a feature length documentary and book with all the footage he has gathered from over the years, including the Rocky Forest Fire last year in California which nearly cost him his life.

Dangerous yes, but it is his is willing to take these risks to get his point across – his point being that latest figures have it that almost 90% of the fires in the US have some human involvement, with the vast majority of it being down to pure carelessness.

You can view the video below and download it for free until March 15.

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