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Gorgeous Cedar Canoe Built By Hand (Video)

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I have always dreamed of living near the water. To have a small cabin in the woods near a lake seems like absolute perfection to me. Spending time in the quiet gently paddling a canoe across the water would have to have a very therapeutic effect.

Now you could go buy a canoe or you could, like Adam Koekkoek (A Guy Doing Stuff on YouTube), build your own.

Adam confesses that he is not a boat builder, but “just a guy with basic woodworking knowledge who wanted to build a wooden boat.” Well, color us impressed. The attention to detail is obvious in this ten-minute time-lapse video that shows every step and detail of creating this gorgeous cedar canoe.

It took Adam over eight months to build his canoe, but the results are truly stunning. Cedar strips add to the elongated effect and the canoe was polished for hours to bring out the shine.

It’s doubtful most of us will ever take the time to build a canoe, but if we did, we would want one just like this.

H/T: Bored Panda

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