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Gorgeous Pics of San Francisco Shrouded in Fog (20 Photos)

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Sunny California? That’s funny.

You wouldn’t know it from “Full House” or “Mrs. Doubtfire,” but San Francisco is not a particularly warm place. In fact, the city experiences a special summertime fog caused by hot air rising in the Central Valley, forcing a rush of cold air and fog through the Golden Gate passageway. Yep, hot temperatures inland make it foggy in The City. But when has San Francisco ever bothered to be like everywhere else?

While there are plenty of reasons to resent the city’s relentless gray passenger — ski jackets on the beach, perpetually frizzy hair, never being able to see a solar eclipse — we think it’s time to embrace the inevitability of June, July and Fogust. So tourists, grin and bear that Fisherman’s Wharf sweatshirt you had to buy, and remember the following reasons why what you’re experiencing is actually awesome.

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