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Hot New Gear for Your Outdoor Adventures

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Going on a primitive camping adventure and roughing it with only basic survival gear is fine when you’re a growing boy, and you probably still like getting down and dirty in the brush from time to time. But most of us appreciate some camping creature comforts and camping chairs when they grow up a little bit (not that we’d ever accuse you of doing that).

In fact, for many adults, getting a camping list of cool new camping gadgets and gear can almost be as fun and exciting as camping itself!

You’d be amazed at the outdoor gear they create to afford convenience in the wilderness these days. A hot shower, fresh espresso, electricity, and a comfy bed…

Hot Ash Camp Stove

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If you like to do things the old fashioned way, it’s likely you’ve cooked some meals by campfire. With the Hot Ash camp stove, you can cook in the wilderness the old fashioned way, with a new design.

The Hot Ash stove is a unique metal stove that packs down to 3 inches square and 9 inches tall. It’s a small piece of hardware that resembles a pizza oven. You put your burning material in the front slot. The venting system creates a draft that pushes the flame sideways, creating a “secondary burn” that will last longer than a normal flame.

The Hot Ash stove is travel sized and durable, weighing only 3 pounds. It is made to be taken on all your adventures with the ease of carrying bag. It’s safe to use, quick to assemble and disassemble, and makes a strong flame suitable for all cooking.

Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus Solar Panel

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The Nomad 7 is a versatile, ultra-compact solar panel. Just lay it out in the sun or attach it to your pack to capture the sun’s power and use it to charge your handheld USB and 12-volt devices during your outdoor adventures.

You can directly charge most handheld USB and 12-volt devices from the Nomad 7’s USB and 12-volt DC charging ports. That includes smartphones, GPS units, music players, and more. In many cases, it can charge a smartphone as quickly as plugging into the wall. So go ahead and enjoy the great outdoors — hiking, biking, kayaking — while knowing your devices will be charged up and ready to go whenever you need them.

Buck Knives Compadre Camp Knife

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Everybody’s got a tool they use the most. For some it’s a computer mouse, for other’s it’s a steering wheel. But for those who work with their hands, it’s a Buck Knife. Buck has been making classic work and hunting knives for over 50 years, honing its craft along the way. The artisans at Buck use 420HC steel, the brand standard thanks to its durability and rust-resistance. It’s also easy to resharpen and maintain, ensuring a lifelong bond between you and your blade.

BioLite BaseLantern Camping Light

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BioLite has released BaseLantern, its latest LED lantern. With its built-in LED lights, power bank and Bluetooth technology, the lantern is a perfect companion for your camping trips.

The BaseLantern is a versatile and practical LED lantern that measures 5.1 x 5.0 x 1.7 inches and weights 1.31 lbs, and its XL version weights 1.42 lbs. As we can see from the images, the camping lantern shows off a minimal and ultra portable design, so you can easily store it in your backpack for any outdoor activity like camping, picnics, boating, hunting and more.

Igloo Trailmate All-Terrain Cooler

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There’s a cooler that can tackle the road less traveled — from sandy beaches to remote campsites — and it isn’t a Yeti. We’re talking about the new Trailmate All-Terrain Cooler by Igloo.

The Trailmate Cooler is equipped with everything needed for camping, tailgating, or a picnic — such as a 70 quart storage capacity, bungee tie downs loops, a suspended interior food basket, and integrated media stand, accessory holders, a drain plug, and a built-in bottle opener — while oversized, 10-inch, never-flat wheels, more ground clearance, a telescoping handle, and marine-grade, rust-resistant parts ensure that it gets to the party no matter what obstacles sit in your way.

LifeStraw Steel

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The original LifeStraw—a personal water filter that renders non-potable water potable again—has received an upgrade to celebrate the company’s tenth anniversary. The new version is called the LifeStraw Steel, and features a durable new double steel exterior along with a two-stage activated carbon filtration process that effectively removes bacteria, protozoa, chlorine, pathogens, and bad taste from any water source. The LifeStraw Steel requires no batteries, no pumping, and no charging, and each replaceable filter can clean up to 100 liters of water.

Parachute Hammock

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Packable hammocks are quickly becoming an essential part of the camping and outdoor world. This particular hammock by OuterEQ called the Parachute Hammock, is made from lightweight parachute nylon that is both weather-friendly and rated at just over 330 pounds. It also packs away seamlessly for easy transport.

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  • James

    The goal zero nomad panels are among the worst performing out there. Look to say the Anker 21W system as just one example of both better performance and lower cost.

    The Hot Ash is simply a variation rocket stove design. It fails compared to others in cost and weight. You can buy an outstanding rocket stove for $100 less this the Hot Ash.

    The lifestraw steel is the only item on this list I rate to be “buy-worthy” just remember it does a good job with bacteria, but it does not have any capability for viruses, so realistically most water one might source still needs to be boiled or chem treated.

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