Instagram Crush: Katerina Rose (18 Photos)

This 20 year old Czech beauty who looks as live Barbie doll, is living in the US and now she is starting to build her career. Last year she was a part of the Miss USA and currently is working as a model. With blue eyes and long blond hair has truly distinctive and attractive look. @katerinarozmajzl



Lots of beach pics coming your way! 🌞 | Kini from: @tiffs.boutique

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Tropic like it's hot 🍍| Swimsuit from: @youngnfoxy code: "katerina-fox"

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Lilac is the move πŸ’œ| Sweater from @prettylittlething

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My left stroke just went viral

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Happy Thanksgiving babes!

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🌻Gave this flower to my momma.

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Feelin' cozy thanks to @ShopMVB!

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