Morning Motivation (26 Photos)

Summer has come to its end, vacations are slowly stalling, school is re-emerging, and work is in full force. It’s easy to lose motivation for fitness during this busy transition. We’re here to help you re-start your fitness routine. Here are 5 ways that can get you excited to get sweaty all over again!

1. Bust out new beats! Music has been scientifically proven to keep you moving longer and harder. Changing up your playlist can refresh your mind and get you hyped up for more. We put together the Spotify playlist to get you pumped to hit the weights.

2. Show up at the gym. In fact, don’t plan on doing anything. Go with no agenda or expectation. Just show up. Chances are, you might be tempted to sit at a machine and lift something.

3. Try a new class/workout. There are a ton of specialty studios and fitness styles out there that can disguise a hard workout as a fun activity. Paddleboard yoga, marital arts, aerial fitness, gymnastics, dance, etc. Try something you’ve never done before and “wow” yourself at how fun getting fit can be!

4. Go shopping! Yes, we’re serious. New workout attire can get you excited to go to class and strut (or sweat) your new stuff! Whether it’s Lulu’s or Nike’s or anything in between, your new gear will have you surprisingly motivated to get active.

5. Find a partner. There is no better motivation than working out with friends. Feelings of intimidation quickly diminish when you have a buddy sweating by your side. Plus, it’s too easy to flake on yourself when it comes to fitness, but you are far less likely to flake on a good friend.

Have fun getting your sweat on!


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