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Strong is the New Sexy (27 Photos)

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Long gone is the trend for stick-thin limbs and gaunt faces. Nowadays it’s all about being strong, fit and functional. Pounding the treadmill for hours everyday and living on salad is not the way to a happy body and mind! Lifting and eating well (clean, as some like to say) is what’s it’s all about now. Strong is the new skinny for both guys and girls! So say goodbye to skinny and head on down to your local gym to kick your lazy butt into action.

It doesn’t matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everyone else sitting on the couch! Remember, even if takes longer than you thought, learn to enjoy the process. Fitness is a journey not a destination and getting up off your ass and going for it, is something to be proud of. Push forward and reap those rewards, we say.

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  • DonnaBianca

    Nature made men to be big, strong, hard and tough — and It made women to be small, weak, soft and delicate.

    Men are sexy when they’re masculine.
    Women are sexy when they’re feminine.
    Opposites Attract.
    That’s how heterosexual lust and romance work.

    Why would men want women to be pumping iron and making their bodies hard and muscular — and thus more like men? Is it some kind of subconscious homoerotic thing?

    Isn’t THIS a whole lot more lovely than any iron-pumping female?


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