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Suburban Men Approved – Bear’s Beard Oil (Review)

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Suburban Men Approved - Bear's Beard Oil (Review)

So, you have decided to grow a beard. Your beard will be your new best friend. It will keep you warm on those long winter nights. It helps hide you from mean and judgmental people. It will be your crying towel when your girl runs off with her CrossFit instructor. It doesn’t ask for much in return. Just a little TLC from time to time.

Let’s be honest, there are a million beard oils out now and so many of them are the same old thing. If your preference is to smell like pine cones, mosquito repellent and campfire, go for it. We like something a little subtler. That’s not to say we’re looking for something fruity or minty. But something that will enhance the manly look we’re going for and still drive women a little crazy.

Your face produced natural oils that are necessary for healthy head and facial hair. But sometimes these oils aren’t enough. Your beard then dries out and becomes unmanageable. All beard oils are a combination of carrier oils, which are extracted from the fatty part of plants such as seeds, kernels and nuts and essential oils, which are distilled from the aromatic parts of a plant such as the leaves, flowers, roots and bark. What sets a good beard oil from the mediocre one is the selection and blending of both of these types of oil.

Enter Bear’s Beard Oil. A new product that caught my attention as it starts to gain traction on social media. I have used their oil for the past two weeks and have come away quite impressed. My beard is noticeably softer and more manageable having used their oil for the past several weeks. Other beard oils have left an oily or greasy-feeling residue, but Bear’s Beard Oil softens without any oily feeling. The combination of Grape Seed, Coconut and Apricot Seed oils will ensure your beard will have a nice luster that will catch the light and look healthy and well-maintained even after a hard weekend camping or riding your two-wheeled freedom machine.

What really sets Bear’s apart for us is the scent. By taking a different approach and eschewing the traditional pine tree car air freshener scent and creating a good balance of Sandalwood, Vanilla and Honey essential oils, Bear’s has created a scent that is enticing but not overpowering. Your beard will smell pleasant, but you’ll never have to worry about smelling like anything other than 100% home-grown man. As Bear says, “Do you want to smell like you’re in a dirty forest eating Italian ice chewing a pack of cheap gum or Bear’s Beard Products?”

Bear’s Beard Oil has earned the Suburban Men ‘Best of the Best’ stamp and now has a place in our grooming kit essentials. If you’re a long time beardy, or just starting out, give Bear’s a try. Bear’s Beard Oil is currently on sale for $13.99 on their web site. They also sell Bear’s Beard Balm and Bear’s Beard Kit which includes both the oil and the balm.

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