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This is the Sweetest Armored Vehicle Ever (10 Photos)

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The Mercedes Benz G63 AMG is arguably one of the most impressive, attention-grabbing and all out crazy off road vehicles to ever be produced. But what happens when a company that normally specializes in armored vehicles gets its hands on one? The results are epic.

If the monstrous 6×6 version of the G63 wasn’t enough then armored vehicle specialists INKAS Group have certainly come up with the solution. If you give them $1 million they will turn your ordinary G63 AMG into the ultimate limousine, complete with a satellite TV system, luxury chairs, a small bar and an iPad mini each which enables passengers to control many of the on-board security features.

Pretty much every surface of the G63 has been modified to withstand bullets of various calibers and the vehicles floor can apparently withstand the detonation from a couple of frag grenades. We can’t argue with the color choice either, matte black makes this thing look even more menacing. If you need the type of security and and luxury this vehicle provides, it will only set you back a cool million.

source – BlazePress

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