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These Best Friends Are Taking Beard Decoration to a Whole New Level (20 Photos)

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Since everyone has a beard now, it seems like the only way for a guy to distinguish himself is to add a unique twist on it. Having been introduced to the world of beard decoration by the pioneering Incredibeard, we new that guys willing to take it to the next level wouldn’t be far behind.

If you’re looking for ideas, The Gay Beards is the place to head.

Created by two lushly bearded best friends from Portland, USA, The Gay Beards has been enchanting Redditors and Instagrammers for months with their highly elaborate faces full of fuzz.

These woodsy urban hipsters just happen to boast beards of optimum length and density for decorating.

The beardos have gotten real creative with the concept, adorning themselves with everything from glitter to Legos to dandelions to little drink umbrellas.

Yeah, yeah, flower beards are so 2014, but then you haven’t seen these ones.

There are celebratory beards, galaxy beards, glitter-bombed beards, edible beards and everything else in between.

This is lumbersexuality at its best. Let it serve as beardspiration for your future furry festooned face endeavours.


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