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We Love the Minimal Outdoor Art of Sam Larson (30 Photos)

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Here at Suburban Men, we have been fans of Sam Larson’s work for quite a while. The Portland-based artist captures the essence of the old west and the outdoors in minimal and sometimes tiny (some smaller than a penny) pen and paper drawings. His style captures the very essence of what try to do in our photo galleries.

In 2013, Larson picked up a pen after a 5-year break from creating his drawing. He found inspiration by posting a nightly drawing to his Instagram account, @samlarson, stating that, “It was an exercise that held me accountable, and the encouragement helped keep me going.” He also said, “I gather my inspiration from the American West,” he says. “I like to get out into the mountains and desert whenever possible.”

You can purchase Sam’s work through his company at Steel Bison

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