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World’s Biggest Hammock 400 Feet Above the Desert (Video)

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Every year highliners from around the world gather during Thanksgiving in Moab, Utah to enjoy the Mars-like environment and seek out exciting elevated views. But this year something amazing happened when the , a group of athletes and filmmakers, built a huge hand-knitted hammock hanging in the middle of a 400-foot-high canyon void. Shaped like a pentagon, the ‘Mothership Space Net Penthouse’, provided the ideal location for admiring the vast landscape, taking photos, high-lining and even jumping off of with a parachute.

Andy Lewis, an avid slackliner who once performed in a Super Bowl Halftime Show, envisioned the ‘Mothership Space Net Penthouse’. A spider-web-like hammock, this intricate art-piece took 50 people three days to complete. Hand-knitted from 14,000 feet of colorful cordage, the suspended net is the result of a joined effort between people who share a love for big doses of adrenaline.

The super strong design can hold up to 15 people. To get down to the net, these adrenaline junkies had to first walk across one of the five different “legs” of the net, some of which extended up to 262 feet long. While a hole in the middle served as a single exit which allowed the highliners to jump through and then land using their parachutes.

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