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You Can Live Like a King in this Former Texas Governor’s Mansion (10 Photos)

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Normally, in order to live in a governor’s mansion you have to go into all the trouble of being elected governor, which sounds like a huge pain in the ass. But now, if you’ve got $6 million lying around, you can live in a governor’s mansion simply by buying one. The La Porte, Texas mansion that former Texas governor Ross Sterling commissioned is now on the market, and it is a governor’s mansion if we’ve ever seen one. Apparently, somehow, it was Sterling’s second home, but it was reportedly the largest residence in Texas when it was completed in 1927. The architect of the house was Alfred C. Finn, who must have received instructions something along the lines of “make sure everybody knows I’m going to be the f***ing governor.”

Just pony up $6 million bucks and you can live your boots and big belt buckle dreams.

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