A Woman’s Perspective On What It Means To “Man Up” (54 Photos)

As a self-proclaimed feminist, I was asked what I think about the Daily Man Up feature.

Doesn’t “Man Up” imply that women are weak, while men are strong. Doesn’t it imply that men who are not “manly” are not real men?

To me, “Man Up” means the difference between being a boy, and being a man. A boy wants, a man earns. A boy won’t show emotions; a man will own them. He knows what it means to love, and to fear losing that love. A man knows who he is, why he became that way. He knows what he wants, and why he wants it. A man finds power from within, and not power over others.

If we are constantly talking about stereotypes, then let’s talk about what we want our sons, our fathers, our brothers to be: courageous enough to care and stand up for others and everyone-not just those that look and act like themselves. Adventuresome enough to wander to find out who they are: into new careers, the outdoors, the tool sheds, the world. Find a sense of brotherhood on the backs of motorcycles, poker rooms, cigar parlors, barber shops, sports fields, backyard grills and barracks. Find your heroes and become them.

Become the man your spouse, mama, sister and daughter are proud of.

Here are some of my favorite images from Daily Man Up and other pics from Suburban Men, along with a few I added of my own.


Greg Baugher

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