Awe-Inspiring Milky Way Time-Lapse Video Captures Mother Nature’s Perfection (Video)

TSO Photography climbed to the top of El Teide, Spain’s highest mountain to photograph clouds, the Milky Way, and nature flowing past from the magnificent vista. The movie created by TSO featuring clips of time, the surrounding nature, and elegant music titled Nuvole bianche by Ludovico Einaudi. We watch as the milky way rotates and flows overhead with the backdrop of the mountainous area. We see the amazing effects created by a sandstorm blowing through the air with the star continuing to rotate overhead. You will be astounded by billowing fog, rolling clouds, and towering trees. TSO manages to change our perception of our place in the universe with this short film filled with powerful imagery.

You can see more of TSO Photography’s time lapse movies and photographs on their Vimeo page.

TSO Photography

Greg Baugher

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