Ditch the Hoodie (31 Photos)

Before there were hipsters with ironic mustaches and women’s jeans, there were the original beard-sporting, plaid-wearing men’s men. Unlike the hipsters who expect mummy and daddy to buy them a new iPhone every time they drunkenly drop theirs in a toilet, the originals had to fend for themselves.

It was a simpler time. Hungry? Go kill something. Threatened? Go fight something. Need shelter? Go build something. The rugged man could bend nature to his will and did whatever it took to carve out his space in the world.

Was it subtle? No. Was it masculine? Yes. Is it something worth aspiring to in 2015? Hell yes.

Today we take inspiration from our formidable forebears, throw in a few elements of modern elegance, and arrive at the ultimate stylish hybrid: the rugged gentleman.


Greg Baugher

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