I Don’t Need, But I Want a Mini Moke Amphibie Lazareth (6 Photos/Video)

Add the Mini Moke Amphibie Lazareth to the list I things I definitely don’t need, but definitely, want. Looking like a bastardized mash-up between a Jeep, golf cart and small dinghy, The Lazareth sports an all-aluminum body filled with foam to provide buoyancy.

The Lazareth is powered by a tiny 400cc Euro 4 engine allowing it to reach top speeds of 56mph on land and with a quick transition, its propeller can push you through the water at speeds up to 8mph.

The Lazareth is made-to-order and carries a price tag around $50,000. It may not be for everyone, but the Mini Moke Amphibie Lazareth might just be the perfect vehicle for those living near the water.

H/T: Urbasm


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