Dying Father Writes 826 ‘Napkin Notes’ So His Daughter Will Never Have Lunch Without Him (13 Photos)

Garth Callaghan knows he is living on borrowed time. Having been diagnosed with cancer three times since 2011, his doctor told him that he was “high risk” stated very plainly, “You’re going to die of this.”

Slipping “napkin notes” in his 14-year-old daughter Emma’s lunch since she was in kindergarten, they include a few words of wisdom, a heartfelt personal anecdote or an inspirational quote. Just the things a young girl needs from her father.

Signing up on the promise making/keeping website Because I Said I Would, Garth vowed that Emma would never go a day at school without one of his notes.

Garth has since created 826 napkin notes that he figures will take Emma through her senior year of high school.

As I sit down tomorrow with my wife and daughters for Thanksgiving dinner, I will be a little extra thankful due to Garth and Emma sharing their amazing story.

You can read more of Garth and Emma’s story in his book Napkin Notes: Make Lunch Meaningful, Life Will Follow and follow them on their website, Twitter and Facebook.


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