Tornado Decimates the Tiny Town of Fairdale, Illinois (12 Photos)

We’re taking a brief pause from our usual frivolity as this story hit awfully close to home. The tiny town of Fairdale, Illinois, located about 50 miles from where I sit typing this, was virtually wiped off the map tonight after it was hit by a massive tornado. Reports are that most of the 50 homes in the town were demolished down to their foundations. Official have blocked off all access into Fairdale due to downed power lines and trees and all residents have been evacuated.

A 67-year old woman was killed and at least eight others have been hospitalized. The storm was described as a “powerful but slow-moving tornado” that hasn’t yet been scientifically classified. The storm system that passed through north Central Illinois spawned several tornadoes and left a trail of destruction 50 miles wide.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the deceased woman and to all of the residents of Fairdale. And our thanks and admiration go out to all of the police, fire and rescue personnel who are yet again bravely forging into a situation that most of us would flee from.


Greg Baugher

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