Fast Charge Your iPhone for Less Than $40!

iPhone battery life is NOT that great

Did you know that you can fast charge your iPhone right now? Despite promises of increased battery life every year, most people frustratingly can’t through an average day without charging their iPhone several times. And if you aren’t able to keep your charge at a reasonable level, it can seem to take forever to charge your iPhone back up. But, did you know that Apple has made fast charging available on all iPhones since the iPhone 8?

Thats’ right, if you own an iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone XS or iPhone XR, you can take advantage of fast charging right now. All you need to do is upgrade your charging plug and cable. Apple only includes a cheap little 5W wall adapter in the box and for fast charging, you need an adapter that supports 18W. At 18W, you can charge your phone up to 80% in only an hour, or charge enough for several hours use in only 15 minutes!

Fast Charge Your iPhone Accessories!

Fast Charge Your iPhone now!

Anker makes the best charging accessories available and I have trusted them for my devices for several years. To start, you need the Anker 18W USB C Wall Charger, which you can pick up on sale right now at Amazon for $19.99. Then you’ll need the Apple USB C to Lightning Cable to connect your new wall charger to your iPhone which will run you $19.00.

That’s it! For less that $40, you can dramatically increase the speed at which you iPhone saving you time and frustration! And, you can also add an Anker 18W Car Charger for $19.99 to fast charge your iPhone while you’re on the road!

Suburban Men Amazon Storefront

You can easily order all of these accessories at the Suburban Men Amazon Storefront. Suburban Men makes a small commission from sales through this storefront, which helps us keep the lights on but it doesn’t increase your pricing at all and will never influence our opinion of a product.


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