My 25 Favorite Sports Movies (25 Photos)

Sports movies offer more than just the drama of winners and losers, or the journey from dream to achievement, or the wish-fulfillment of the underdog that most of us identify with when we compete in real life. They’re about the creation of a pure and ideal world, one where character and effort are rewarded with glory.

That’s one side of sports movies, at least, the victorious side. But the best sports movies are also about loss and failure, about the all-too-human foibles that often keep us from winning or, even more cynically, are rewarded anyway in a corrupt world that values the appearance of sportsmanship over the reality that nice guys don’t always finish first, and that all that physical exertion sometimes takes a brutal toll outside the arena.

25. Eight Men Out

24. The Blind Side

23. 42

22. Happy Gilmore

21. The Miracle

20. We Are Marshall

19. Remember the Titans

18. The Fighter

17. Major League

16. A League of Their Own

15. The Longest Yard

14. The Natural

13. The Wrestler

12. Rudy

11. Raging Bull

10. Jerry Maguire

9. Friday Night Lights

8. Slap Shot

7. Moneyball

6. Hoosiers

5. Bull Durham

4. Rocky

3. Caddyshack

2. Brian’s Song

1. Field of Dreams


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