For Only $75k, You Can Balloon To the Edge of Space (6 Photos + Video)

It could be a far more relaxing – and cheaper – way to get to space.

World View Enterprises hopes to begin offering passenger flights to the edge of space in 2017 – on capsules that will have wifi and even a bar.

The firm has now completed its highest tests ever, sending a scale model of the capsule to over 100,000 feet.

World View will now prepare for a series of full scale test flights in the months to come.

Commercial manned flights are scheduled to begin in 2017, when passengers will pay $75,000 each to travel to the edge of space and witness a sunrise against the curvature of the Earth and the blackness of space.

The final capsule will be comfortably styled, offering Wi-Fi, a bar and a lavatory for Voyagers as they float along the edge of space for one-to-two hours at peak altitude of 100,000 feet.


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