Gorgeous Timelapse of Arizona’s Monsoons (Video)

In his timelapse movie, Mike Olbinski captures the overwhelming power and beauty of the Arizona Monsoon. For 3.5 months, Mike traveled all over the state capturing dust storms, lightning, and torrential downpours. And he says this year’s monsoon provided him with the best footage he’s ever shot.

Traveling 48 days and 17,000 miles, Olbinski captured the beauty of the 2015 monsoon.

Mike’s latest film Monsoon II takes viewers across AZ. With stunning timelapse of torrential downpours ominous shelf clouds and epic displays of lightning.

Mike has already seen some of his weather footage featured on ESPN and in the first Thor movie. He hopes Monsoon II will get picked up by some of the film festivals, like the Sedona Film Festival where he showed his first Monsoon film last year.


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