Hockey Fans Are the Best Fans in Sports (30 Photos)

I’ll admit it. I came to hockey a little later than most. I grew up playing baseball and basketball and love football. But, hockey sucked me in a refuses to let me go. The passion and energy of hockey fans is unmatched in all of sports. Hockey fans know history, tradition and strategy. The subtle nuances of the game never get missed. You can tell from the collective groan of the entire arena when a scoring opportunity is missed or when the place erupts in cheers before the horn even sounds.

Non-hockey fans complain that it is difficult to follow the puck. True hockey fans know that you don’t need to. They understand spacing, timing, precision and open space and can sense when an opportunity is at hand. But once they do understand, when that light goes on, hockey is truly mesmerizing.

That’s what makes hockey fans the best. It’s not an easy game to learn and follow. You have to be committed. Once a hockey fan reaches that point, nothing will ever take away their enjoyment of the game.


Greg Baugher

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