Hockey Goalie Julius Hudacek Celebrates a Win With a Full-Gear Quadruple Cartwheel (Video)

There might not be a more bizarre position in sports than hockey goaltender, the equivalent of a human bull’s-eye. It takes a special breed to be a goalie. Enter Julius Hudacek, who just might be, the world’s most entertaining goalie.

Hall of Famer Jacques Plant, who was the first goalie to realize that maybe wearing a mask was a good idea said, “Imagine sitting at your desk. You make a mistake. A red light goes on behind you; a siren starts sounding and 18,000 people are yelling at you. That’s what it’s like to be a goaltender.”

After a 2-1 overtime win in the Swedish Hockey League in which he stopped 31 shots, he put on this little show for the crowd, including a quadruple cartwheel in full gear.


Greg Baugher

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