Hot New Outdoor Gear for Fall 2018

BareBones Hatchet

BareBones Hatchet

Turn those fallen trees into firewood with the BareBones Hatchet. The balanced design helps to maximize your swing, and the durable hickory handle and high-carbon steel tang holds up to log-splitting, kindling-chopping, and stake-hammering with ease.

Chopping isn’t a chore with this well-balanced hatchet. The high-carbon steel tang holds up to rugged tasks and the included sheath keeps blade protected from the elements when stored. The hickory handle is durable and ergonomically shaped for maximum efficiency. [$98 at Amazon]

Outdoor Research Men’s Interstellar Jacket

Outdoor Research Men's Interstellar Jacket

Who can afford to have a ski jacket, ice climbing jacket, rain jacket and alpine jacket? Unless you’re sponsored, no one. With how niche climbing gear has become, it’s rare to find a piece that can do it all. Honestly, one or two jackets is all you really need, and Outdoor Research’s Interstellar jacket should be on your short list. [$298.95 at Amazon]

Nomad Survival Multi-Tool

 1500 × 937Images may be subject to copyright. Learn More NOMAD Survival Multi-Tool

Increase your chances of survival in the unforgiving wild with the Nomad survival multi-tool by your side. The ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hand and comes packed with over 10 useful tools such as a carabiner, a compass, and a blade. [$24.99 at Amazon]

WaterBrick Stackable Water Storage Container

WaterBricks are a sturdy, durable product, made of high-quality, rugged high density polyethylene (HDPE). They are easy to carry, despite holding up to 3.5 gallons of liquid, because of their removable handle.

Not too big and not too small, the WaterBricks’ size and flexible stacking configurations allow you to easily move and creatively store them where they are most convenient for your living space. Their individual portable size allows for grab-and-go convenience when an emergency or travel plans bring you away from home. Tanks or large containers are not easy to take with you. [$18.99 at Amazon]

Solo Stove Campfire

The Solo Stove Campfire is the largest Solo Stove. It’s perfect for cooking or just sitting around it on a cool fall evening. It uses the same design and engineering as the original patented Solo Stove, which means it’s super efficient, built strong -high grade 304 stainless steel- and weighs only 2 pounds. The Solo Stove Campfire cooks your meals with nothing but the sticks, leaves or twigs you collect on your journey, and it incorporates a secondary combustion for a more complete, efficient and cleaner burn. It is the perfect biomass stove that can take advantage of easily-obtainable fuel and is something all of us backpackers should be looking at. [$109.99 at Amazon]

Danner Men’s Explorer 650 Hiking Boot

The Danner Explorer 650, as the brand calls out, is a reasonable and exceptionally well-made answer when it comes to how to make a boot that’s both ready for adventure and yet distinctly stylish. Danner has always had a rich heritage of outdoor craftsmanship and tough durability, and it would appear that the Danner Explorer 650 takes that to another level.

Danner notes that the brand was the first to incorporate now-legendary GORE-TEX technology into its boot lining, and the Explorer 650 extends that approach into what the brand calls a “seven-day-a-week” hiker. Between the extreme durability and toughness of the Explorer 650, we might say that this is indeed a work-ready boot you can wear as much as you want. [$135.33 – $189.95 at Amazon]

H2O4K9 K9 UNIT Insulated Dog Water Bottle

With the H2O4K9 K9 UNIT Insulated Stainless Steel Dog Water Bottle & Travel Bowl, staying hydrated on the go has never been easier. You can take this bottle when you take your pal on walks in the park, hikes, camping trips, vacations, and practically anywhere else your adventure takes you. Store water in the high-quality, stainless-steel bottle and pour it into the toxin-free lid. The lid is the bowl! Plus, it’s 100% recyclable and sustainable, which means you can feel confident you’re doing the best for your pup and the environment. You can even choose from a range of environmentally friendly paint finishes and make it all your own.


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