insane Interior of Boeing 747-8 VIP Private Jet (11 Photos)

Fifteen hour flight? Bring it on.

Stunning photos taken inside of one of the world’s largest and most exclusive private jets, the Boeing 747-8 VIP, have surfaced after the it was outfitted for an undisclosed high-roller.

The flying, customized palace in the sky proves to be perfect for those who can never have enough legroom or posh amenities. It has several spacious staterooms, a 14-seat dining room, a conference room, a lounge and an office. With 4,786 square-feet of cabin space and 393 square-feet in an “aeroloft” between the upper deck and tail, it’s roughly the size of 13, 400-square-foot apartments.

The four-engine, wide-body aircraft lists at about $370 million – before the interior decorations seen in the pics were provided by luxury aviation designer


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