Let’s See If Titanium Really Is Bulletproof (Video)

There have been a lot of rumors floating around about titanium (that it can float on water being one of them). However, one of the most persistent is that it’s bulletproof. So Matt from [link url=”” site=”Demolition Ranch”] decided to put it to the test, unleashing an arsenal of weapons on it to see if there’s some truth to that Sia song after all.

Matt begins the tutorial by showing off a block of titanium about an inch and half thick, donated to him by Tactical Advantage Armory. He places the block a good distance away to protect himself from any debris and begins with a .22 long rifle cartridge fired from a pistol.

The pistol barely leaves an imprint, the titanium slightly scuffed in two places. However, he is far from finished testing it out. He next uses a CZ Scorpion, .44 Magnum cartridge, Henry 45-70 Government Rifle, 12 Gauge Rifle, AR15 and an AK Pistol, barely penetrating it each time.

However, that all changes when he brings out the big guns, literally. Matt’s final attempt is using a Barrett 50 which shoots a .50 BMG. ‘Kind of a big bullet’ he says, underselling it. Check out the video to see if the BMG can punch it’s way through the titanium.


Greg Baugher

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