Make the Most of Your Intimate Time with Duration Spray for Men

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On Suburban Men, I talk a lot about all of the elements of being a man. The job, the health, the family, the friends, the finances, the relationships.  All easy to balance, right?  Of course, I’m kidding. So, when you get that precious time alone with your significant other the last thing you need is another worry.

Check out K-Y’s PE Challenge…you will not be disappointed!


K-Y is addressing an issue many guys aren’t comfortable talking about – premature ejaculation (PE) – and they’re doing it in an amazing way. Watch The Premature Ejaculation Challenge presented by K-Y Duration Spray video above to see what I’m talking about. Just imagine walking down the street and getting asked by a stranger if you have premature ejaculation. The result is not only hilarious but illuminating. The truth is, most guys wish they could last longer.


In a recent survey, 80% of adults stated that reaching an orgasm was important to feel connected and close to their partner.  Not only that, but 89% of men stated that they want to last longer in bed. Believe it or not, PE is more common that erectile dysfunction.

The new K-Y Duration Spray for Men allows men to remain in the moment with their partner rather than distracting themselves with non-sexual thoughts in an effort to last longer.  This will enhance the experience for both of you and allow you to bring greater pleasure to your partner.

K-Y has been trusted by couples and doctors for more than 100 years.  They know that couples can create better overall connected relationships through improved emotional and sexual intimacy. Visit www.k-y.com for information on K-Y Duration as well as relationship advice, sexual health information, and tips for even better sex and intimacy.

The Premature Ejaculation Challenge presented by K-Y Duration Spray is helping normalizing this topic and showing men they’re not alone. There are so many pressures in our everyday lives, K-Y Duration Spray for Men helps make sure that PE isn’t one of them.

Make it a priority. Make it memorable. Make it last.

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