NASA’s Most Beautiful Pictures of 2015 (9 Photos)

It is slightly depressing that we live in a world in which Kim Kardashian has 60 million followers to NASA’s 7.7 million. Since when did people become more interested in pictures of chicks in waist trainers who get paid by waist trainer companies to wear them in photographs than rare images of the sun, the stars, the moon— the celestial bodies that govern our ENTIRE EXISTENCE? But I digress.

To those 7.7 million— I salute you. There is intelligent life on this planet yet.

The good folks over at CrowdTangle put together the top 10 NASA Instagram posts of the year. From the phenomenal Perseid meteor shower of last August to to a magnificent picture of the Northern Lights, these photographs will both humble and amaze as only things much bigger than us tiny humans can.


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