Not All Heroes Wear Capes – Thank a Cop Today (26 Photos)

Most of us get up every day to earn money and provide for our families; the men and women in law enforcement get up to protect us. We make a mistake, and we might lose some money or rework a project. When an officer makes a decision, a life is on the line. How these brave people do this regularly is beyond comprehension.

They leave for work each day having no idea what may come their way. Their families wait at home and hope mom, dad, husband or wife comes home safely. They keep our cities and homes safe, yet they only seem to hear the negative from people. We only see them when we are in trouble or in need and they are always there to help and do their jobs. There are so many outstanding men and women out there every day wearing the badge and uniform who never receive a hint of gratitude from the general public. Make sure you go out of your way to thank a cop today.


Greg Baugher

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