Photographer Converts Grandma’s Old Van So He Can Travel North America (27 Photos)

Adventurer Travis Burke is traveling North America recording its beauty and intrigue to share with those who haven’t been there on Instagram and beyond.

And he’s doing the trip in his grandmother’s 1994 Dodge Ram van, after he spent three months and ~$8,000 converting the vehicle.

The 28-year-old has spent 16 months and 60,000 miles touring stunning locations and capturing jaw-dropping imagery in the hope of inspiring others to look further than their own backyard.

Travis, from California, says: “The vehicle is now my own dream adventure-mobile, which allows me to work and travel full time, continuously photographing diverse locations.

“So far I have driven about 60,000 miles around the US and parts of Canada. I’m hoping for a few bigger projects outside of the country to come together this year, I’m even looking into renting another van to continue life on the road abroad.”

The Dodge Ram van has been customized with solar panels, a sink, a fold out bed and even a mini fridge.

Travis says: “My grandmother has admitted she would never have imagined the final design and definitely wouldn’t want to drive it the way it is now. But she completely supports my choice to travel.

“Being an adventure photographer is an opportunity to have a blast and see the world, but there are also sacrifices that accompany traveling full time.

Travis is able to make his journey, which is currently open-ended, thanks to a few select companies who sponsor what he does.

“Being supported by the right companies makes a substantial difference. It’s beneficial for both parties and we can work as a team to gain more exposure and help each other build a stronger brand.”


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