Protect Yourself Online With HotSpot Shield

The Problem

I consider myself a regular guy. My beliefs and actions run fairly close to the middle of the road and I’m definitely not some crazy conspiracy theorist. But, I believe without a doubt that Big Brother is here. Seriously, the omnipresent figure representing oppressive control from George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four is here. And to make things worse, we welcomed it in with open arms.

Here’s a perfect example. Early one morning last week I was walking out to my car to take my daughters to school as usual, when I received an alert on my phone. Now I had received this alert many times in the past, but this time it struck home with me. Google Maps was alerting me that it would take me 8 minutes to reach their school. I didn’t open Google Maps to check, Google has just been monitoring my movement patterns and timing for so long, they can make an educated guess that each morning at 6:30 am I’ll be heading out of my house on the way to our local high school.

And it’s not just Google (although I personally believe that they have access to more of our personal data than any other company). Several companies I have trusted with my personal data have popped up in the news in the past few years regarding selling or leak millions of user’s personal data.

The Solution

So how do we solve this problem? I have chosen to install HotSpot Shield on all of my cell phones and computers. HotSpot Shield encrypts your online traffic so you remain anonymous online. In addition, by encrypting your data HotSpot Shield secures your devices from hackers, especially when connected to free, unsecured WiFi such as those found at restaurants and coffee shops.

During my testing, I didn’t experience any slowdowns in connecting. As soon as I opened my computer (I tested on an iPhone, Dell laptop and iMac) and connected to Wi-Fi, Hotspot Shield found me a U.S.-based server — no additional configuration required. I chose to connect to a U.S.-based server, but there are over 2,000 servers in 20 countries to choose from. You can choose the country to connect to, but not there specific server or city.

Hotspot Shield provides unrestricted access to the internet from anywhere in the world. With Hotspot Shield, restricted content (like streaming sites or social media) will never be blocked.

You can use the free plan, but you will be restricted from using Netflix, and won’t be able to connect to any U.S., U.K., or Australian servers. The pricing is $3.49/month for 3 years, $5.99/month for 1 year, $8.99 /month for 6 months or $12.99 per month, all billed up front.


While not the least expensive option available, it is one of the easiest to configure and use. I’ll be honest, I forgot for a bit that I even had it installed on my phone. And that’s how I want it. Protect me, but make it painless and seamless. Add in the fact that it is one of the few solutions that allows you to stream Netflix makes this a STRONG BUY for us.

Sign up now at the Hotspot Shield web site.


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