Rise & Shine (24 Photos)

When you’re all alone in the morning there’s simply less background noise because everyone else is still asleep. Consciously note that and embrace its calm. This silence allows you to focus on the morning rituals such as journaling or meditation. I’ve noticed there are fewer cars driving through my neighborhood at 6 a.m. so there’s no outside distractions going on either.

Although the sounds of nature’s crickets chirping at night may make you feel peaceful at times, it’s good to just have an empty environment on occasion so I cherish the morning peace just a bit more than the night. Take pleasure in the sound of your own thoughts and actions without external disturbance as the new day begins for you.

Perhaps you’re an important person and you need to respond to countless emails every morning or maybe write some sort of report. Once you practice waking up earlier, you’ll be amazed at how relaxed you can be when you are able to tackle these things at a calm pace. Not only are you no longer sprinting out the door, you are getting things done while not simultaneously having adrenaline rushing through your veins. You don’t have to multi-task anymore so slow down and work on things with a focused mindset.

You also make room for things you couldn’t do before. Many people mention that they never eat breakfast. Do you know how important the first meal of the day is? I feel dreadful throughout the entire day if I don’t provide myself some morning fuel. Wake up a little earlier and make room for breakfast; your body will thank you for it.


Greg Baugher

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