Skiers Attach Flares to Their Skis and the Result is Spectacular (Video)

While other skiers have made headlines recently skiing at night—with the help of super-intense headlamps, LED body suits, even lighting up the whole slope with projected images – Nico Vuignier and Jules Guarneri opted for a simpler approach: tape some rescue flares onto the tails, and just let ‘er rip.

The result of their efforts is Torched, a new way of visually experiencing—not to mention skiing—the nighttime slopes of the canton of Wallis in Switzerland. And as you can see in the accompanying behind-the-scenes video, the process of creating this short wasn’t as easy as it might appear—lots of test runs with “whoever is down to burn their skis or board,” some scorched outerwear, and plenty of chilly late-night missions went into the production of this thing.

At the end of the night, this one-of-a-kind footage proves that the time spent was well worth it. Props to Nico and Jules on the idea and the execution, and to Greg Tuscher for boosting that cliff like a boss.


Greg Baugher

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