Snoop Dogg Narrating Nature Videos is the Funniest Thing This Week (Video)

Those stuffy nature series are just so much better once you get a famous narrator onboard.

In a fake-but-should-totally-be-real series on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Snoop Dogg hosts Plizzanet Earth, taking over narrating duties throughout wonderful, perplexing clips of the animal world and the majesty of our fine planet.

Watch above as Snoop (who, indeed, once surnamed himself “Lion”) gives commentary on a crocodile trying to find lunch from a group of frolicking otters. Classic quotes include: “These are um…beavers?” and “Hey cuz, we gotta get up out of here!” and the now-immortal “They ain’t scared of it! What is these animals?!?”). It’s essentially a narration of hip hop’s greatest turf war…but in a swamp. Animal Planet, you watching? This is gold.


Greg Baugher

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