Suburban Men’s Top Ten Football Towns (10 Photos)

The end of summer means one thing in the world of sports: the start of football season. Most everyone has a favorite NFL team, which may or may not have avid fans, wild tailgating and sensational weather. Our staff shuffled through team after team and city after city to come up with the 10 best places to catch an NFL game this season.

10. Seattle

Suburban Men

This once forgotten football town makes the list for the fact that so many people for so long wrote the Seahawks off as a joke, and yet Seahawks fans still showed up and packed the Kingdome. Seattle fans have been rewarded with not only a nice new stadium, but a much more competitive team in the last decade.

9. Denver

Suburban Men

Denver hasn’t always had such a devout fan base. Times were tough in the franchises early years, and the Broncos almost moved in 1965 – just five years after having played their first game. They didn’t have a winning season until 1973 or a playoff appearance until 1977 (which subsequently led to a Super Bowl loss to the Cowboys.)

Then 1983 happened. John Elway was drafted by the then Baltimore Colts. He demanded a trade and Denver is where he ended up. The rest is history. Denver fell in love with the team and has been loyal ever since.

8. New York

Suburban Men

Jets fans must have identity issues – never really having a home stadium and all. That doesn’t deter their loyal fans. J-E-T-S, Jets! Jets! Jets! is one of the most obnoxiously genius chants I have ever heard.

And that’s only half of the fans for a New York football team. The Giants have the richer history, not to mention more Super Bowl victories.

All and all NYC is a big town, and a big football town.

7. Chicago

Suburban Men

Da Bears.

The windy city is home to the NFL’s most passionate fans and had it not been for teams 1-6, they would be higher on this list. Chicago Bears fans endure some of the harshest winters around in order to see their beloved Bears and for that they are known for being a huge football town.

6. Dallas

Suburban Men

The Cowboys have arguably the best cheerleaders in the NFL. That alone makes me consider them for any list or article I write. But seriously speaking Dallas has some of the most loyal fans around – which is easy for them as the Cowboys are one of the most consistently great teams around.

5. Philadelphia

Suburban Men

Rabid fans? How about unruly, wild, even borderline criminal?

Yes, the fans are a little nuts, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a good, strong, and loyal fan base.

4. Kansas City

Suburban Men

Chiefs fans haven’t had a whole lot to cheer about lately including losing in the wold card game the last three times they made the playoffs, but that hasn’t stopped them from loving their team. That’s loyalty right there folks. It’s easy to root for great teams but when your team sucks and you stick by them anyways, you know you’re a part of a great football town.

3. Pittsburgh

Suburban Men

p>The terrible towel. Genius.

Super Bowl Champs six times? Awesome.

Cold winters? Yep.

Steelers fans have been among the best forever, and they have been rewarded for being so loyal. In a region where much of the traditional steel mills and coal mines have shut down it could haven been easy for fans to cancel their outings to the stadium – but they didn’t.

2. Buffalo

Suburban Men

It’s fandemonium.

Bills fans are arguably the most loyal of all fans. Some of the worst winters (and Falls for that matter) around. Lake Effect snow comes in an instant with little or no warning. The city is depressed. The teams “Glory Days” include four straight Super Bowl losses. How could this get any worse? How about not having made this playoffs this century?

Gosh, I’ll bet that stadium is empty. Guess again. Even with a below average product and blizzard like conditions Buffalo fans still flock to Orchard Park to see their beloved Bills play every Sunday.

1. Green Bay

Suburban Men

Title Town. Lambeau Field. Vince Lombardi.

I mean the fans own the team – how could they not be the number one football town on any list?

Enough said.


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