Summers Are Just Better at the Lake (23 Photos)

Spring is here, and that means our thought have turned to long, lazy summer days spent at the lake. We all have different experiences at our lake houses, some may include all of your extended family, some may be a place you live all summer, and some may be a haven where you can just sit back and relax.

Whether it be a stressful week or not, spending time at the lake and sitting on the pier is an instant relaxer. Even just smelling the lake air gives you a calming feeling. There is nothing better than laying out, blasting music while on the boat or swimming around all day.

You stay up all night playing games and spend all day boating with your family, and nothing makes you closer. Your cousins become your best friends, and your aunts and uncles become second parents. A lake house is a perfect way to bring your family close together.

Tubing, water skiing, jet skiing, relaxing on a pontoon and even just jumping off you pier are the best times of the summer and have been your favorite activities since you were a kid. Summer can’t come soon enough while you imagine long days of being in the water.

There are no better memories than the ones you’ve made while up at the lake. Spending time and getting close with your family is priceless, learning skills like swimming and sailing are things that you’ll keep with you forever, and all the laughs and emotions are ones you’ll never forget. You hope that one day you can bring your kids up to your lake house and give them the experiences that you valued your whole life up at the lake.


Greg Baugher

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