Superdad Builds a 180′ Rollercoaster in His Backyard (11 Photos/Video)

A San Francisco superdad is in the running for father of the year after building a 180-foot long, fully-functioning roller coaster in his backyard! Father of two Will Pemble came up with the idea after visiting an amusement park with his 10 year old son. After experiencing one of the tallest and fastest roller coasters in the U.S., his son asked why they couldn’t build one of their own, which inspired Mr. Pemble to head to the local lumber yard for the necessary supplies.

Pemble began the ambitious project in 2013 and it took about 300 hours and $3,500 worth of materials to build. The structure has been tested many times, although he continues to make adjustments to the design. As he explains on his site, the Coaster Dad Project is as educational as it is fun: “Today, our backyard roller coaster is an unending source of excitement, challenge, education, and connection. I love it because it brings together all the three things I love best. Physics, Family, and Fun.”

source – The Coaster Dad Project


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