Switzerland is More Than Just Banks (28 Photos)

Despite its small size, Switzerland offers such a wide array of scenery that it delights year-round. One doesn’t have to travel far to see beautiful forests, lakes, castles, cathedrals, glaciers, valleys and snow-capped mountains. Three-fifths of the country is covered by the Alps and here one can also find the Jura Mountains, Swiss Plateau and the southeastern mountains.

While they could be described as formal and somewhat reserved, the Swiss are so polite and compromise-loving that I can’t help but wish they would export that model along with their other quality goods. What other small country could balance four different languages so beautifully?

Where should an adventure enthusiast begin? Perhaps choosing a season will narrow it down. In winter, ski-gliding, sledging, snowboarding, ice climbing, deep-snow skiing, heli-skiing, glacier-walking, snow-biking, snowshoeing, tobogganing, ice skating and dog-sledding are most popular between January and March. Skiiers can choose between downhill and cross-country trails for day and night and at all levels. In the warmer months, cycling, climbing, hiking, sailing, water-skiing, canoeing, swimming, rafting, rowing, canyoning, abseiling, bungee jumping, paragliding, skydiving and hang-gliding are just some of the activities to be enjoyed here.

source – InspiringTravellers


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