The Happier Camper (15 Photos / Video)

Did summer nearly tap your travel budget dry? Next year, avoid peak-season airfare costs by sticking closer to home with the Happier Camper, an adventure mobile aimed at the traveler with a small car.

Weighing in at just 1,100 pounds, this tiny car appendage offers ultra-light luxury that you can easily tow with your Subaru. No gas-guzzling, big-rig needed here.

Featuring 70 square feet of usable space (which equates to sleeping arrangements for five), the Happier Camper’s unique Adaptiv modular system was designed to allow for easy configuration within the trailer–meaning you can easily modify the small space into whatever configuration you may need, including gutting it.

The trailer’s large door allows it to be used to haul bikes, kayaks, or larger toys, like a motorcycle.

Power up your devices via the Happier Camper’s AGM Deep Cycle battery, charged by a 100-watt solar panel; while a waveform Zamp Solar power inverter provides 600 watts of medical-grade fuel for sensitive devices.

Made in Los Angeles, all this awesomeness doesn’t come cheap. The Happier Camper starts at $16,000.


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