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The Technology May Be There, But the Human Body Isn’t Ready for a Mars Trip (Video)

Mars is a hot topic right now. With the success of the Matt Damon space adventure, ‘The Martian’ and the impending return of astronauts Scott Kelly and Russian Mikhail Kornienko from their one-year stay on the International Space Station.

Most of the excitement if focused the technology that would be needed to get us to Mars. But an even bigger question is whether the human body can hold up under the strains of zero gravity for the almost two-year round trip required to visit the red planet.

The hope is that a lot of those questions will be answered soon as physicians and researchers will be performing exhaustive examinations of Kelly and Kornienko and determine whether the exercise and nutrition protocols in place on the ISS can minimize the physiological deterioration.

In the video above, former astronaut and aerospace engineer Camille Alleyne explains the challenges of long-term space travel and the impact on the human body.


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