The Ten Most Expensive Beers in the World (10 Photos)

One thing we know about booze is that the price does not reflect the quality. Just because something cost an arm and a leg doesn’t mean that it is worth it. Yet still, some of these hefty price come with a certain notoriety, rarity, novelty while also featuring something extra special. So here is a list of some of the most expensive beers in the world.

Sapporo Space Barley

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Imported beers usually come with a price increase to cover the transportation cost. So when you are importing ingredients from space you could expect to pay a pretty penny. In 2006, Japanese and Russian scientists tested how well barley could grow in space by growing some in the International Space Station. After 4 years of growing they brought it back to earth, where Japanese brewer Sapporo fermented it into the world’s first space beer. ($110/six-pack)

Crown Ambassador Reserve Lager

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Not all beer from Australia is Foster’s. Believe it or not Aussies can be high brow too. The Crown Ambassador Reserve is aged in French oak barrels for 12 months and sold in a champagne bottle. The brewer has only produced four iterations of the beer since 2008 with each batch limited to 8,000 bottles. ($90/750ml)

Tutankhamun Ale

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Through the use of science, Dr. Barry Kemp and Dr. Delwen Samual were able to extract the recipe of an ancient brew of Queen Nefertiti’s Royal Brewery in Egypt. In 1990, Researchers then teamed up with Scottish brewer Jim Merrington to recreate the 3,250-year-old recipe. They created 1000 bottles of the beer with the first bottle selling for around $7,686. Over the years the price dropped down to $75 per bottle. ($75/500ml)

Brewdog’s Sink the Bismarck

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Brewdog brewery in Scotland is known for creating some extravagant beers with their own unique style. Part of the specialty was implementing a freezing method to create beers with unusually high ABV contents. Over the years Brewdog has been competeing with german brewery Schorschbräu to create the world’s strongest beer. Sink the Bismark was one such attempt for the record. Not only did Sink the Bismark get the record but it also broke new grounds by becoming the first “quadruple IPA” with quadruple the amount of hops and bitterness. ($80/375ml)

Samuel Adams’ Utopias

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Utopias is America’s most expensive beer and is released every two years by Samuel Adams. Each batch is aged in sherry, brandy, cognac, bourbon, and scotch cask for up to 18 years. With an ABV of 27% it is banned in 13 states. ($150/700ml)

Schorschbräu’s Schorschbock 57

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Currently the reigning champ for Alcohol by Volume is Schorschbock 57 with a womping 57.5% ABV. Any higher and the beer would violate Reinheitsgebot, Germany’s 500-year-old beer purity law. Only 36 bottles were made. Taster say this strong bock is moky and nutty, with hints of raisins and a lot of alcohol. ($275/330ml)

Carlsberg’s Jacobsen Vintage

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To give luxury wine a little bit of beer competition, Carlsberg created “the vintage triology” in 2008. This barley wine is matured in Swedish and French oak barrels for six months and supposedly tastes like vanilla and cocoa, with hints of peaty “tar and rope.” Obviously meant for the high-class this bottle is usually only sold at luxury restaurants. Each bottle boasts an expiration date of 2059, which means you have another 47 years before that smoky “tar and rope” taste goes bad. ($400/375ml)

Brewdog’s The End of History

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The End of History was so named because it was believed to be the final answer to the ABV war between Brewdog and Schorschbräu. Unfortunately for them, the record was beaten last October by 3.5%. Still, the End of History is a very special beer. This Belgian ale is currently the third strongest and second most expensive beer in the world. But that is not the only noteworthy thing about this beer. Each bottle comes with its own coozie made from rodents. There are currently only 12 bottles in existence: seven weasels, four squirrels, and one hare. (765/330ml)

Pabst Blue Ribbon 1844

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No one in the United States would spend $44 for a Pabst Blue Ribbon. Many wouldn’t pay over $5. But in China, Pabst Blue Ribbon is all the rave. That is why Pabst created a special brew called PBR 1844 especially for China that sells for $44 a bottle. The beer is supposed to be significantly better too. It is made from German caramel malts, is aged in uncharred American whiskey abrrels, and even comes in a fancy glass bottle. Unfortunately, the beer is only sold in China. ($44.00/720ml)

Nail Brewing’s Antarctic Nail Ale

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Most likely the most expensive beer in the world. The Antartic Nail Ale is made from dug up ice found on an Antarctic iceberg. Aside from that, 100% of the profits go to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (Whale Wars). Only 30 bottles were made and were auctioned off. The first brought in $800.($800-$1815/500ml)


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