This Airline Concept Could Make You Fall in Love With Flying Again (12 Photos)

Airline travel sucks. More people are taking to the skies than ever before, and while there has never been a safer time to be in the air, many travelers are weary from the hassle of getting to where they need to go. From delayed flights and crowded aircraft to baggage and reservation fees, passenger satisfaction is at an all-time low while passenger traffic is at an all-time high.

Design agency Teague has designed a concept airline that fixes just about everything we hate about flying by incorporating elements from industry disruptors such as Uber and AirBnB. The airlines should take serious note.

“What if the taxi cab industry could’ve seen Uber coming?” Devin Liddell, Teague’s principal brand strategist, declares. “Would they have changed the way they do dispatch and payment? I think they would have,” he adds.


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Every airline is virtually interchangeable. With Poppi, branding is a serious initiative building something special that connects with travelers. There is a consistent look and feel from their airplanes and gates down to their marketing materials.


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Much like Starbucks and Amazon Prime, Poppi would allow you to create an account and store your billing information. Travelers can exchange flights, tickets, and seats, putting together their ideal itinerary with a few taps of an app.

Seat Swapping

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The Poppi app would create a virtual social community with you and the other passengers. Got an aisle and wanted a window? Poppi’s Social Seat Swapping would let passengers exchange seats before the flight.

Gate Information

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Simple but beautifully designed gates would provide clear boarding information and alert you if you are not in the gate area and boarding is about to begin.

Travelling Light

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We have all had to deal with the person trying to wedge a massive “carry-on” bag into the overhead compartments. Poppi would eliminate this by only allowing small bags such as a laptop bag or purse into the cabin. This would allow for faster boarding and exiting. All other baggage would be checked at no additional cost.

Middle Seat Rewards

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In a recent survey, more people would prefer to visit their dentist that occupy the middle seat on a long flight. While not eliminating middle seats, Poppi would partner with brands to provide a complimentary gift to those stuck in the middle.


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Road warriors can choose to opt for click-class, branded practical luggage that clicks neatly under the seat.

On-board Vending Machines

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Gone will be the days of two sips of soda and 7 peanuts for a snack. On-board vending machines would allow you to purchase what you want, when you want it.

Cinema Class

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Imaging a new “cinema class” that offers exclusive content to passengers as well as partnership opportunities for film and TV production companies and the airline.

Luggage Delivery

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New ideas like a hotel delivery bag drop imagine smart ways a startup could make the airport experience less arduous for families and frequent fliers. Luggage could be dropped off near home — perhaps at the train station where the journey begins — and not be seen again until the destination hotel.

Baggage Tracking

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Electronic RFID chips are attached to bags so that their movement through the system can be tracked at each point — just as valuable components are tracked in high-end car factories — so fliers can always know where their baggage is. Boarding times could also be reduced.


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