This Poor High School Girls Basketball Team Lost 108-1

I have been on the downside of a few blowouts in my time. There is nothing fun about trudging up and down the court when you’re getting blown out by 30 points and have no hope of making it closer. Playing for your dignity is vastly overrated.

The North Ohio Preparatory School girl’s basketball team lost to Ohio’s third-ranked Gilmour Academy 108 – 1. Yeah, they lost by 107 points and were down 72-1 at halftime.

Despite taking a drubbing of epic proportions, the Lady Knights showed class and dignity in defeat.

Athletic Director Justin Shullick said in a statement, “At Northeast Ohio College Preparatory School, our scholars are taught to embody respect, responsibility and relentlessness. All three characteristics were on display yesterday.”

He went on to say, “We faced an incredibly talented team and we congratulate Gilmour Academy on their victory and pursuit of a championship.”


Greg Baugher

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