Touring Cleveland Cyclewerks and the Best Bike Ride in Ohio

My good friend, Mike Satterfield recently biked through Ohio with Cleveland CycleWorks and shared his adventures with me. If you love reading about cars and bikes as much as I do, make sure you check out his site TheGentlemanRacer.com.

Unless you are really into the world of motorcycles it’s likely that you have never heard of Cleveland CycleWerks, the small manufacturer was founded in Ohio in 2009 and has been quickly expanding into markets around the world. You can find Cleveland CycleWerks motorcycles in Asia, Europe and Africa, with many countries even having Cleveland motorcycle clubs that host shows and events. The overseas following has been strong, but the company, headquarter on the shores of Lake Erie, is starting to make a name for itself here in the USA. With their stylish retro motorcycles attracting both new and experienced riders it won’t be long before motorcyclists in the USA figure out what the rest of the world has already discovered.

Walking around the company’s Cleveland headquarters and meeting the team behind the brand you quickly understand that Clevelands are built by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. The shop is filled with cool retro accessories, helmets, and apparel that all are part of the Cleveland CycleWerks lifestyle, timeless styling is what has made models like the Ace and Heist so popular, but Cleveland’s new line up of modern off-road and dual sport bikes are also making some waves of their own.

But I didn’t come all the way to Ohio to just walk around a factory, I was here to ride on some of the best motorcycle roads in the country, one such legendary road is the OH-555 or the Triple Nickel. You’ll need to head Southwest towards Zanesville where you will turn off the highway and head south towards the town of Brush Creek, OH then just stay on the 555 until you dead-end into the Ohio River. The ride takes you through rolling hills, farmland and through a portion of Burr Oak State Park and the Wayne National Forest. A challenging road, not fit for novice riders, it is a road that was designed for enthusiasts, with twists, turns, blind corners, and hillcrests. My Cleveland Ace was enjoying every twist and turn, even on a 250cc bike it was an easy road to pick up speed on. There is little traffic and endless views of the American Heartland, barns, trees, and crops depending on the time of year you are riding, it is about 70 miles long and at the end you can head west on Highway 50 to a town called Coolville, while there isn’t much there, you can get gas and grab a drink. Plus who doesn’t want to say they road their motorcycle through Coolville?

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